THE LAST DETAIL - Pricing & Info. - Bayshore, NY
THE LAST DETAIL - "Where Your Car Is Treated Like Our Car"
                     Why do we soar above the rest?
The 10 Point Check System: 
Rugs Shampooed
Hand Polished/Clay Bar/Bug & Tar
Windows Cleaned Spotlessly
Leather/Vinyl Cleaned/Conditioned
Door JamsCleaned
Tires Dressed
Rims Polished100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  Detailer Special (INCLUDED)-Two coats of specially formulated polish Cloth/Leather/Vinyl treated and conditioned Undercarriage protection applied Window wax treatment (Water Beading)
Cars                           $150.00        *Great Christmas Gifts*
Pick-ups/Minivan    $200.00             *Last Minute Solutions*
SUV/Trucks             $200.00 
 At the last detail we provide a mobile service.  We'll come to you for your convenience.  Home, office etc. 
The Last Detail
Bay Shore, NY 11706
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